About Victor Vaissier

Our products have the optimal combination of fragrances and ingredients filled with extracts from flowers and herbs. Natural raw materials have been selected with greatest care and blended with natural olive oil.

We believe that beauty comes from within and therefore we manufacture our products with love. Our products are developed with care for our environment and does not contain any parabenes or mineral oils.


My unlikely career change from banking to soap manufacturing started when I found an antique soap box in the Paris antique market Porte de Vanves. I was fascinated about the Vaissier history. He travelled all over the world to find inspiration and new flowers for his fragrances. His soaps were so successful they were sold to the Russian Tsar and the King of Belgium but still Mr Vaissier ended up in bankruptcy and loneliness. In 2014 I managed to acquire the brand name and now I am developing Vaissier to a modern brand with a great heritage. This treasure of design, history and fragrances is way to fine not to be reborn.