Savon & Lotion Hydrante

The Victor Vaissier soaps & lotions are filled with scents and fragrances from nature. They are all naturally moisturised by organic olive oil and are all paraben free and 100% vegan. Soon we will launch the new fragrances Icône and La Forêt both Made in France.

Bougie Parfumée

Victor Vaissier scented candles are hand poured and filled with french fragrance oils inspired by the many places around the world Monsieur Vaissier visited.

Produits Dentaire

Fresh gums, cleaner teeths and karies prevention are the three pillars of Victor Vaissiers dental products. Whitening toothpaste with active charcoal and bamboo toothbrushes are inspired by Victor Vaissiers heritage.

Diffuseur D'ambiance

Our diffusers will create a welcoming ambiance in your home. Chose between all the natural fragrances inspired by Victor Vaissiers experiance and knowledge.

The history of a French soap maker

Born north of Paris in 1857 Victor Vaissier, had learned from the famous scientist Louis Pasteur that using hand soap was the best way to increase hygiene. In 1889 he opened his first shop on Boulevard 4 Place de l´opera in Paris. His company became the official supplier to the King of Belgium and the court of Romania as well as to the Russian Tsar. Vaissier collected inspiration from Japan, Kongo and the Samos Islands. Over the years he introduced over 20 fragrances including the famous Princes de Kongo, Rose de Kioto and Violettes de Samos.

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