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Produits Dentaire

Victor Vaissier learned during the 19th century by researher Louis Pasteur that you could avoid contagiousc infectionsby washing their hands with soap. Now 130 yearslater, new products are added to the portfolio, this time to promote good dental health.
Figue Du Japon

Room Diffusers

The current scents include Bouquet Blanc (Jasmine & White Orchid), Icône (Bergamot & Sandalwood), Noir 89 (Sandalwood & Musk), Figue du Japon (Black Figue & Vetiver) and La Forêt (Red Currant, Evergreen, Juniper).


With a base of organic olive oil our soaps are filled with scents and flavors from nature. Vaissier was inspired by exotic flowers and French herbs when developing his soaps. 

Our current range includes; Nenuphar (Water Lilly), Verveine (Verbena & Lemon grass), Lavande (Lavender) Bouquet Blanc (Jasmine & White Orchid), Atmosphère (Eucalyptus & Thyme), Figue du Japon (Black Fig & Vetiver)& our new fragrances Icône & La Forêt. All our products are free from parabenes and mineral oils. We use the best organic olive oil in order to ensure that your hands remain soft and beautiful.